Gannex Mill and Surrounding Land, Elland

Gannex Mill and an adjoining plot of land was owned by Pennine Housing Association.

The adjoining plot was zoned for employment, and the mill site was zoned for a mixed use development. However, the employment land is steeply sloping; so is unsuitable and inefficient for industrial uses. This was also this site that Pennine wished to develop for 67 Affordable Homes

Radcliffe's and Pennine worked together to demonstrate to Calderdale Council that the industrial uses were better suited on the mill site, and the Affordable Housing better suited for the Huddersfield Road site. This meant that both uses were contrary to the adopted policy.

Radcliffe's and Pennine held a joint public consultation exercise and presented the case to the Elland public for their comments and criticism. This was overwhelmingly supportive, and reinforced the benefits of our proposals.

Gannex and Surrounding Areas

Radcliffe's brought a commercial solution to Pennine's dilemma for this site. An application was submitted in joint names to demonstrate to the Council that a local developer with a proven track record would ensure that these benefits would be delivered.

For more details contact John Radcliffe or Doug Slater on 01484 420212.

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