K T Hydraulics

K T Hydraulics is a hi-tech company in the design and manufacture of lubrication and sealing systems for the oil and gas industry. It has been based in a 5 storey mill with wooden floors, in the centre of Halifax for the last 30 years.

The company was profitable, and looking to expand aggressively. Their premises were unsuitable and were actually holding back the growth of the company. The directors wished to focus on the business, and so appointed Radcliffes to find alternative premises, either new or existing.

We worked closely with KTH to identify suitable alternative sites or premises within a catchment area that allowed the company to retain the skilled workforce. A selection of alternative sites were considered and filtered by us before presenting to the client. It became apparent that the availability of suitable sites was extremely limited, and KTH’s criteria were exacting.
The solution only became available by combining Radcliffe’s consultancy and development skills. KTH’s preferred location was on the site of the former Gannex Mill, in Elland. However, this is a large site capable of taking four industrial units totalling over 80,000sq ft., which required the infrastructure of estate roads and services. Radcliffes bought the site, installed the infrastructure, and sold a plot to KT Hydraulics. This allowed the client to have his custom built Headquarters building in the ideal solution. Radcliffes will build out the other three units during 2012.

The management of KTH were able to concentrate on the expansion of their business, and order fulfilment, leaving Radcliffes to deliver a new cutting edge world Headquarters building.

Construction started in summer 2011, and KTH will be in their new premises early in the new year.

For more details contact John Radcliffe or Doug Slater on 01484 420212.

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"We don’t have the skills or experience in the property industry, and Radcliffes have been our development partner. They found the site, guided us through the planning and construction processes, and delivered a high quality Headquarters building that we can be proud of. On time and all within budget. This has been the ideal outcome for KT Hydraulics. Radcliffes have been great to work with, and I will happily recommend them to others."

Richard Ellis MD of K T Hydraulics